Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Anybody can Comment!

Finally, right? I think this must be a new feature to eBlogger, but I was just able to change the settings of "who can comment" from "registered users" to "anyone!" So if you've been itching to leave comments on the blog but have been unable to, your prayers have been answered!

In order to cut back on spam, though, I have implemented a word verification "test."


ScottE said...

So those of us who were previously were able to post without using the annoying word verification feature now have to use it?


ScottE said...

"I think this must be a new feature to eBlogger,"

This has been available for a good long while, actually.

Anonymous said...

I have word verification on my blog, too. Check out "Stupid Dinosaur Lies" a blog that debunks every creationist claim on dinosaurs.

lantaro said...

I'm commenting! YAY!