Monday, October 27, 2008

Uncle Ted Found Guilty

Can't say I'm surprised. I'm also quite happy--Ted Stevens did a lot for the state, sure, but ultimately he became corrupt, and that's when it's time for a change. I don't care how much good you do--if you think you're above the law in any regard, you don't deserve that power, and your punishment should be very harsh. Unfortunately, even though Ted got five years, he probably won't serve much, if any, of it. This also means he's out of the running for his senate seat on Election Day, and that his opponent, Mark Begich, a democrat, will win by default. I'm all for that, too.


ScottE said...

Wow. I'm almost shocked to hear this.

I didn't think a jury would convict him.

lantaro said...

an alaskan jury wouldn't have. but that's just cuz we love taking our bribe from the oil company, and uncle ted would've insured that next time would've been at least half as good as this years.