Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Week Left...

...until Talk of the Nation and Science Friday (NPR shows) talk about something other than the election. I stopped caring so deeply about the presidential race a loooong time ago, because it feels like it's been going on for at least half of Bush Jr.'s second term. And it probably has. I tripped over a Time magazine from early last year and it was talking about the Republican race for the primaries. Ironically, it said that McCain wouldn't make it. I'm an Obama supporter, if for no other reason than Sarah Palin makes me cringe and McCain very well may die in the White House, then leaving Ms. Devil Bones in charge of both the country and the Big Red Button.

And, you know, I'm sick of all the name-calling from the McCain camp. Obama's not a socialist, or a terrorist, or a Muslim. I'm not even sure how these names ended up sticking. Are the American people that stupid?

(Yes, sometimes they can be)

Just one fine point: McCain's people are calling Obama a socialist because he wants to "spread the wealth," which is apparently a socialist tenant. I have to read more about socialism, but I always thought it was more about the government owning property and doling it out among the populous as it saw fit. Anyway, this is after McCain helped pass the bailout bill, in which every man woman and child in American "shares the wealth" by giving it to the government, who then uses that money to take partial control of the banking system. Seems...ironic.

But in all honesty, I'm ready for it to be over. I'm not going to lose my head over whether my boy wins or loses. I'll just be happy when the news is not dominated by gaffs, flubs, and stumps.


Unknown said...


Glendon Mellow said...

The rest of the world is holding its collective breath for you guys.

Someone on my staff said there may be "welcome back America" parties around the world, with one right in the busiest intersection in Toronto - if Obama wins.

Julia said...

You know what the two scariest words in the English language are?

Palin 2012

Seriously, Caribou Barbie is quite happily talking about her plans to run in 2012. This has been news to the McCain aides. But it explains why she's going rogue at the moment.

Unknown said...

"Caribou Barbie"

Ha. Hadn't heard that one yet.

Actually, I would welcome the chance to see her campaign in 2012. Remember, the only reason she's on the ticket now is the "balance" McCain's partisan infidelities.

Palin by herself would mean she absolutely must be on and in front of the media at all times.

And no cry of "liberal media" is going to keep people from seeing what she is: devoid of substance.