Thursday, September 25, 2008

Behold--the Stat Counter

I've always wanted to do one of these, but I never knew how. Until today. Sean Craven taught me the Way of the Stat Counter. Before he died (sigh), The Blue Collar Scientist told me that my blog must get a lot of traffic, because after I linked to him, his traffic skyrocketed. I thought that was nice, but I didn't really think my blog was read by a lot of people. Now we'll be able to test Jeff's theory!

Oh, and if you want your own Stat Tracker, try StatCounter, which has a very user-friendly, step-by-step installation process. For people on eBlogger, like me, StatCounter is treated as just another Gadget, which is awesome.

1 comment:

Nick Gardner said...

I'd seen Stat Counter plugged praised elsewhere. Maybe I'll try it too. ;-)

Speaking of which, when are you going to allow anonymous or OpenID posting?