Monday, August 11, 2008

A Persistant Misunderstanding

At least two of my readers (Sheryl and Glendon) currently think or have thought (respectively) that the dragons and wyverns and lindworms I write about are sculptures, sculptures that I have made. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anybody can buy these creatures at toy stores or comic shops. Or online.

What I do is make up scientific descriptions for these dragons and wyverns as if they were living animals. The McFarlane dragons have their own epic fantasy storyline, something about a hydra destroying the dragon kingdom and then humans gaining control of some magical stone and learning how to talk's wierd. I'd prefer to think of these dragons as real animals, and I'm interested in how they might be related to each other. Incidentally, there are several McFarlane dragons I have not included (or bought) based on my preference for what dragons and wyverns are supposed to be. So I'm not sculpting these dragons, although whoever did is a great sculptor. I just try to give them life!

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Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

Gah. I was so embarrassed.

Doubly so, since I frequent a local toy-comic shop for the Star Wars figures and pass by McFarlane toys all the time.

They're great posts anyway. Funnier now I know the joke.