Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Irony: The Revenge

Less than 12 hours after posting my rant about how Best Buy Dot Com and the USPS suck a big juicy one (see below), what should show up at my door but Soulcalibur IV? For those who haven't bought it yet and are on the fence about whether or not to get the special or standard edition, let me tell you what's in the big tin box:

1) An awesome tin box with a hinged lid and a plastic sleeve. Honestly, I'll probably toss the plastic sleeve. Not because I don't like it, but because it's going to be a hassle to unsleeve the tin box before opening the tin box to get to the PS3 game case, which the disk is in...

2) An awesome reversable poster. On one side, art. On the other side, a tournament bracket. They even threw in a Sharpie-like mini marker for presiding over tournaments. Sadly, the poster is not laminated, so you'll want to get it laminated before writing on it with a marker pen. For those of you without enough friends for a proper tournament, the art side is pretty cool by itself.

3) A comic/art book of fair quality. The book is divided into two halves: a kind of silly comic introducing series newbie Hilde (the art is mediocre) and a bunch of character sketches, which I find interesting. They went through a lot of concepts for Ivy's new costume. None of them are too much different than the final version, but I like to see the subtle differences.

4) A card with a code on it for downloading exclusive content onto your PS3. This exclusive content, from what I've read, includes the "true" versions of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, joke weapons for all the characters, and some new costume choices for the create-a-character mode.

5) The game, of course.

All told, well worth the extra $10. If any of you out there have Soulcalibur IV on your PS3 already, my PSN name is "Sillysaur." Leave yon monker in the comments section (or email me) and we shall battle! It will be glorious!

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