Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello, Old Friend

One of the reasons I'm all excited to have a PS3 is that I'll be able to play Silent Hill: Homecoming this holiday season. I've never played a series that understood psychological horror like Silent Hill does. At any rate, my excited skyrocketed today when Game Informer posted a bunch of new screenshots portraying some of the game's more ghastly creatures. Be warned: some of the monsters are not for the shallow of stomach. I can't wait to see these demonic entities shiver and spasm, quiver and quake.
And then the last few screenshots really upped my happiness: Pyramid Head, one of my favorite creatures from the series, makes a return appearance here. Exactly how he'll be connected to the storyline is unknown, but he has traditionally represented one's inner brutality and guilt. Since the game's protagonist is a returning veteran, Pyramid Head seems fitting.

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