Monday, August 04, 2008


It would seem that my friend Jeff, better known as the Blue Collar Scientist, has passed away after battling a mysterious cancer. His blog will continue to appear on my blogroll for all to see and remember. My thoughts to out to Jeff's family and friends.

And now may as well be as good a time to announce this as any: When he told Scott Elyard and I of his diagnosis, Jeff asked that we take up the Anchorage Skeptics mantle. It is a position we happily accepted. The Skeptics will not go quietly into that good night! Fear not--among other plans, an Alaska Museum of Natural History tour is in the works. Fellow Anchorage Skeptics, keep an eye out for emails. I'm sad to say that Jeff had planned on attending the meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-August.

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lantaro said...

My condolences, good sir. Jeff was cool.