Friday, May 09, 2008

Highlight of the Day

Today when I got back to work from lunch, a little red fox (Vulpes vulpes alascensis) was exploring the parking lot. I like red foxes--they're ridiculously cute, and they have a very distinctive trot. The fox today was trotting from one end of the parking lot to the other end, but couldn't help sniffing around a few places to satisfy its curiosity. I had seen a red fox in my neighborhood a few months ago, and it seemed just as curious about me (from a distance) as I was of it. I was walking along the road, and it was on the opposite side of the road in the trees. I stopped and was looking at it, and it was looking right at me, sniffing at me. We both just stood staring at each other for about fifteen seconds before the fox lost interest and wandered off into the woods.

I like foxes.


Mad Marley Grey said...

I like foxes, too. A couple of years ago, we were driving home along a back road that becomes a town road, and caught sight of one trotting along the sidewalk as if he was a person. We followed him until he turned off into someone's yard.

But we're built up and still building around here, and there's nowhere for them to go. I've seen three live foxes in my entire life, but last year, two dead on the highway in one day. Sad...

Amanda said...

I used to do the landscaping at a local mansion. Every morning at 8 am, I would pull into the driveway and see four baby fox. They would drink out of the puddles in the driveway and the mother would watch from the edge of the woods. I once got about three feet away from them. Mom didn't look too concerned, but she was definitely not at ease.

I saw them every morning for two months. And then one day they were gone. Turns out the people who owned the mansion didn't want them around because they pooped everywhere, so they scared them off.

I like foxes, too :)

lantaro said...

You know, my friend Hillari once HAD a pet fox. Really a tragic story, but she had some videos of it chasing a sock. Damn near died of cute-overload. Tried to put a picture of it here, but her myspace profile is set to private, so it wouldn't work. I'll have to show you one of these days.