Wednesday, April 30, 2008

R.I.P. W.P.F.

The original When Pigs Fly, which I started a few years back, has been removed from Blogger. This is a shame for several reasons. I had some good posts on that blog, and in fact I planned on moving a few of them over in a Naish-esque "Best of When Pigs Fly." But my sloth has rendered those posts useless and null! I am sad to see it go, although honestly I used the ugliest layout they had available at the time.


lantaro said...


sigh...our wretched comical misfortunes shall be missed.

Brian said...

That sucks, Zach. I'm sorry to hear about it. I have (had?) some reeeeally old blogs from my angsty teenage years on blogspot and xanga, but I think they have all thankfully been removed from the internet at this point.

I really should go back and save actual files of my better posts though, or at least make a habit of doing so as I go along.

Zach said...

Agreed, Brian. I had some good comics up there. Well, I still DO have them (on the computer and on paper), but it was nice to see them on the interweb.

Monado said...

Can you get in touch with them (ha!) and ask for a backup?

I just moved my personal blog off Blogger onto Wordpress. It's easy to import: just make sure that any link in an article title is also in the body of the article, because those are over-written with the article's own permalink.

Then just go ahead and import.