Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Photo Op; Also, Science Meeting

As you may already be aware, The Blue Collar Scientist, Coherent Lighthouse's Scott Elyard, and myself will be traveling to Barnes & Nobel here in Anchorage at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night for the First Annual...Anchorage & the Valley...Science Get-Together. Thing.


It should be fun! Scott is going to show everybody how to draw Euparkeria and I'm going to teach people how pterosaurs folded their wings. Jeff (the BCS) will be giving the keynote speech, and I've heard that...whisper it softly...he's made of cheese. I may also bring a brand-spanking new drawing pad (because my clipboard shattered) and sketch things.

There may be picture-taking, and those pictures may eventually end up on this hallowed blog. Scott might lose his mind over Euparkeria, I might dislocate and rotate my ring finger for dramatic effect, and Jeff might be eaten by rabid cheese-loving Starbucks patrons. Really, you'll have to be there to see all the action.

You will see cameos from Jim Bean and the Reverend Jack Daniels. I may also take off my shirt and, holding it in the air, announce that I am a flagpole. Also, I may--and don't hold me to this--shout "Woo."*

*If you can tell me where that last paragraph is from you win!


Amanda said...

I wish I could be there. I wanna see photos!

ScottE said...

Dammit! I was gonna bring the camera! Had it set aside and charged and everything, too.

And Zach, I may have a drawing that will actually stun you.

Nay, I will defy you to not regard it as superior in every conceivable respect to the last Euparkeria sketch.

Last paragraph: Penny Arcade?

Zach Miller said...

Yes, Penny Arcade.

I await, with bated breath, this latest drawing, sir.

BusaFan said...

I'm going to be there! "Woo"

lantaro said...

"Yeah, I figured this might happen." *Click* "Is that a tranquilizer gun?" "Sure."


Brian said...

I hope everything went well, Zach. Give us a summary when you can!