Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Little Campbell Lake

I got home too late for the really good pictures--where the sun is just dipping below the mountains, but I don't think these are too bad.

Our house in the winter. The snow, in places, has risen above our meager front porch. There's a significant "hump" at the front of the driveway where the snow is more frozen. In the last week, the temperatures have dipped well below zero (it's -12 sometimes in the morning) and climb as high above. Walking the dog is a chore!

This is the main road past our house. There are streetlights, but they have an annoying habit of turning OFF as you approach them, so walking the dog after 6 o'clock requires a flashlight and lots of treats for when cars approach! The snowbirm I'm standing on is probably four feet high at this point. Somebody's been skiing on it.

This is Little Campbell Lake. Houses surround it, and most of the owners also have floatplanes, which sit at docks in the water. When the sun is right above the mountains, it's a beautiful sight! When I took these pictures it was probably 7 degrees. Sable doesn't seem to mind the temperatures at all--walks are her favorite thing in the whole wide world! Somebody was kind enough to plow a bit ski trail all around the lake, which I intend to make use of one of these days.

Big Boss, my frog-eyed gecko, would rather stay inside on his log. It's 80 degrees in HIS house. Must be nice!


Julia said...

I would probably love that weather for about two weeks, then I think I'd get bored of it and wish for it to thaw. London retains its heat so well that it takes quite a lot for us to get snow to stick, so it has a degree of novelty. Used to get some in Cambridge and Nottingham when we lived there, and Paul had bad winters (by British standards) in Glasgow growing up.

Takes a lot for a dog not to enjoy a walk. Although Teddy is NOT impressed by rain!

Amanda said...

Zach-Those mountains are so majestic! We just have little dinky ones here, though sometimes I'm blown away by how beautiful they are.

Julia-I went to London in February of 2005 and there were flowers on the ground (in Hyde Park, maybe...). It was cold-about 40 degrees Farenheit-and really wet. That was my favorite out-of-country experience. I got food poisoning on the first day and missed the tour so I got to wander around the city by myself and see the things I REALLY wanted to see (like an IMAX movie).

greg said...

AH!! I do miss winters here sometimes. But alas my Russian wife does not. Here in south Florida I don't have to make any special accommodations for exotic lizards, just brush them off every thing I touch outside. Still I miss my Samoyed romping in the -15F ice crusts.