Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Trip to Sand Lake

Remember last week when I said I was walking on Little Campbell Lake? I was being scatterbrained. It's actually Sand Lake. And here's a better picture of that lake, with the sun doing down behind me.

Some Alaskans just can't stop fishing. This ice-fishing hole had been abandoned recently. See the dark blue dot at the top of the ice? It's begun freezing over again, but was probably drilled just a day before, if not less.

There was another Alces on the shore. A young'un was following it around. This mother-baby pair has been living in the neighborhood for weeks, and I will often see them wandering around people's yards in search of food.

I was unable to get a good picture, but a float plane like this one landed while Sable and I were out walking on the lake. Now I know what makes the big tracks in the snow--I thought somebody had plowed a path down the middle of the lake!

And here's one more look at the mountain range about a half-hour later, and from the opposite side of the lake. The pointy mountain is O'Malley, and the flat-topped mountain to its right is...well, Flattop Mountain. Both are popular hiking mountains, especially the latter, which is a great place to see H. sapians touristas in the warm summer months.

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