Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ontogenic flight model for theropods? Awesome!

I'm hoping that one of you out there in Readerland has this paper:

A fundamental avian wing-stroke provides a new perspective on the evolution of flight
Kenneth P. Dial, Brandon E. Jackson, & Paolo Segre

It's in this week's issue of Nature. Looks like Dial is taking his WAIR model a step further, and after reading the abstract of this newest paper, it looks good! I must blog about it!

EDIT: Thanks to Neil and Jerry for so quickly sending the paper (and the videos) my way. From the looks of the paper, both the ground-up and trees-down hypotheses are correct. chukar partridges run up an incline, then fly (or glide) down to the ground! Expect a large post on this study later today, perhaps with a more non-avian version of Dial et al.'s Figure 1. :-)

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