Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Blog, as well as an Announcement

Scott, of Coherent Lighthouse, our mutual friend Brian Lyons, and I will be producing and displaying our own art show later this year in Palmer, Alaska. The theme is "The Archosauria," and, predictably, will highlight the great diversity of this massive clade. Our taxa list has been finalized, so no suggestions, folks!

You know, unless it's a good one, in which case I'll consider it. But nothing beats Effigia, people. Nothing.

At any rate, Scott has bit the bullet and signed on to Blogger, despite my flagrant arm-waving and general ballihooing. Check out the new link to the right. As I've said before, the man is one helluva an artist. Also new to the blogosphere is Brian, whose new blog, "The Wild Worlde of Wonder," is also new to by blogroll. Check it out as well!

Up next: Giant post about spinosauroids, with lots of original illustrations! Wheee!

1 comment:

ScottE said...

Effigia? It's okay, but man, it's the token herbivore of the lot.

Seriously, this should be cool. Or awesome. I could settle for awesome.