Sunday, November 25, 2007

When I Was a Child

I spent most of yesterday chilling, because it was my quarter-century birthday. That's right--I'm an old man. Of note, I got lots of birthday money from relatives, which I used to buy Super Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Both are stupendously fun. My wife got me the new Stephen Colbert book and the first two seasons of South Park. My folks got me a big lizard-themed puzzle (I love puzzles), and my brother got me The Host. Sadly, I did not get any Dinostoreus skulls, which were at the top of my list (wherefore art thou, Ceratosaurus?).

I share my birthday weekend with my friend Marcus, who writes (every few months, it seems) at Of Warts and Other Matters. I don't think he has access to a computer right now, and his last post was in June, so...make of that what you will. At any rate, Marcus turned 22, and for his birthday I bestowed upon him a hand-colored, framed version of the comic you see above. He and I are big Pink Floyd fans, and any others familiar with that band's more famous lyrical odysseys may well recognize the text and, perhaps, the final wordless frame.

I know that Brian will appreciate the reference, anyway. One of these times I'll take the comic to Photoshop (or Corel) and paint it with pretty colors, but for now, enjoy the B&W version.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, old man!

Neil said...

FeliZ cumple-birthdays Zach!
[since I know you're a spanglophile]

Can you do a comic version of Echoes next?