Friday, November 16, 2007

Updated Blogroll

I finally got around to adding two more blogs to my blogroll. Darren Naish & Co. have already infected the paleo blogosphere with their extremely well-written, funny, and educational Sauropod Vertebrae Picture of the Week (SV-POW!). If you didn't know about the anatomy of a vertebrae before, you will soon. I never understood how diagnostic individual pieces of one's spine could be until now!

Also, Catalogue of Organisms is up. I'm starting to read it, and it's so very good! I must apologize profusely to Chris Taylor for not adding him sooner, or even realizing that his blog existed! I didn't know where Boneyard IX would be, and actually forgot all about it, only to find that he was hosting it (after the fact). Chris was good enough to not only link to one of my posts (which I hadn't even prepared for the Boneyard) but also to add my humble blog to his blogroll!

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Christopher Taylor said...

Thank you for the compliments. I really do appreciate it.