Saturday, November 10, 2007

This story makes me laugh!

National Geographic News has a story up that is actually also at The Dragons Tales and Pondering Pikaia, but I had to post it here, too. Every time I see the picture accompanying the article, I laugh. Those poor critters could not have died at a more convenient time. This is better than that Fish-within-a-fish fossil at the Hayes Museum of Natural History in Kansas, which is actually pretty impressive by itself.

Note: People in Kansas are nuts about this fossil. Xiphactinus audax, an enormous ray-fin, had swallowed a smaller Gillicus arcuatus, and they apparently died. The Gillicus is fully articulated, having been swallowed whole by the giant predator. Whenever I go down to Kansas (basically every year), the extended family asks if I've seen the "fish-within-a-fish" yet. And you know, the Hayes museum has a bunch of more impressive fossils, like mosasaurs. But no, everybody wants to see the enormous salmon. It's a fish!

Note Part 2: I know it's not aactually a salmon.

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