Friday, October 05, 2007

Apologies, and a random thought

I'm sorry for the spacing issues in that big ol' evolution post. I tried five different times to make it all work, but it always ends up being morphed by eBlogger when I hit "Publish Post." I wish those ScienceBlogs people would get back to me. It's been two weeks, already! Even if they said "Sorry, no," at least I'd stop wondering about it!

Also, the cubicle I sit in is right next to a woman who speaks fluent Russian, and spends a good portion of the day speaking--in Russian--to other people, who I'm assuming are Russian. And I've determined, after three weeks at this job, that Russian is a harsh, ugly language that makes my ears bleed. No offense to any Russian readers I might have, of course. Now, the history and origins of Russia's mother tongue are fascinating, but the language itself is a slow burn. Perhaps that's only because I'm forced to listen to it for so many hours at a time.


greg said...

I tend to concur, having been married to a Russian for 8 years and having a half Russian daughter who is fluent.
Listening to my wife babble on for hours on the phone gives me a serious headache. Love the blog!

Will Baird said...


My wife's Ukrainian and a native Russian speaker. The way she speaks it (and the others of her region) it sounds almost french. Definitely not an ear bleed.

Your wife a muscovite, Greg?