Friday, September 21, 2007

The Inevitable Move to ScienceBlogs

It will happen sooner rather than later. I'm really starting to feel actual hatred toward eBlogger, because every freaking time I post something, there are spacing issues. I don't know why. When I'm editing the post itself, I fix all the spacing issues--sometimes many times. But then I click "Publish Post," and the whole thing goes to hell, influenced by some unseen force. Be on lookout for a new ScienceBlogs post (with a new title...I'm open to suggestions) within the next months.


Julia said...

It frustrates me too, the spacing thing. And I only really use Blogger for publishing, since my archives are managed by code, my comments are Haloscan and my template is from elsewhere.

I've resorted to hard coding my posts in HTML. It takes a long time, but at least I know I'm definitely going to get the line breaks where I want them.

I'll have a think about names. Although I think you could carry on with "When Pigs Fly".

Zach Miller said...

Yeah, I'm fond of the name as well. I might call it "When Pigs Fly: The Lost Years" or "When Pigs Fly: The Revenge." You know, to continue the movie sequel title theme.