Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lions and tigers and memes, oh my!

Stolen from Laelaps and Julia, here is my meme survey:

Three things in my fridge that define life right now:
1) Moutain Dew, the drink of the gods. I became "addicted" to this greenish substance during my lifeguarding days, and I haven't looked back since.
2) Milk. I drink more milk in a week than a family of five. Seriously, I go through three gallons in a six or seven day period. This is, of course, because I have cystic fibrosis (I should really blog about that sometime) and milk has lots of fat and calories. And it's not that weak 2% crap. I'm downing several glasses of whole milk a day. Oh yeah, 4%, baby.
3) Tobi and Pulmozime. Also related to CF, these are the inhalents I do on a daily basis. Well, I do the pulmozime once a day every day of my life. Tobi is a strong antibiotic that suppresses bacterial growth in my lungs. However, because one can quickly become immune to its effects, I do Tobi twice a day for thirty days in a row, then take a thirty-day break. I don't like Tobi, because it takes between twenty and thirty minutes to complete, and it tastes like metal. :-(

Three recent acquisitions:
1) Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. I didn't think they could improve on the GameCube original, but the motion control and 1:1 aiming kind of blow the first edition out of the water. This is my favorite game right now, and in my top 5 of all time. Just bought the Chicago Typewriter on Normal mode. I am determined to earn the Handcannon this time, even though it will take perhaps weeks.
2) A whole bunch of Neo4 Pokemon cards that I don't have. I used to play the Pokemon card game in my youth, and a few years ago I decided to save one of every card I still had. That's a lot of cards and a lot of holos. I check local comic shops once and awhile to see if they have any that I don't already have. My friend John from the GameInformer forums was good enough to send me a whole bunch of holos, including several triple-rare Shining Pokemon.
3) Road Trip and Deep Blue Sea. The former is one of my favorite comedies, and the latter is one of my favorite popcorn movies. And they were only $6 each!

Three classics I reach for every day:
1) My video games. They're how I unwind.
2) My drawing pad. Got to get some sketching in on a daily basis.
3) My iPod, just like Julia. Love my tunes.

My kids right now, in three words or less:
Nonexistent, Thank God.

My sweetie right now, in three words or less:
Pretty and patient.

What's on my to-do list:
Digitally color those pictures I posted a few days ago; pay John for those Pokecards; buy Metroid Prime 3 on Tuesday; find a new job.

What I'm listening to right now:
My wife, who continually finds chores for me to do (it's quite amazing, really).

What I'm worried about right now:
Finding a replacement job come mid-September, the condo association finding fault with our renters, which because of other idiot tenants cannot help those faults (long story).

Which news stories I'm following right now:
Not a lot, actually. Unless it's related to biology or paleontology, that is.

What I'm reading right now:
Wading through The Dinosaura, 2nd Edition (it's a beast).

What I'm looking forward to right now:
Metal Gear Solid 4, sitting down with a person who might hire me on Wednesday or Thursday.

A thought I keep returning to right now:
I really don't want to walk the damn dog tonight.

One small thing that's making me happy right now:
Watching "The Sopranos" a little later. I like that show a lot.


Erik said...

Wow, you're life is so simple. :P Must be nice!!!
Hehe, I copied this onto myspace. Check it out.

brian said...

Deep Blue Sea. Behind Lake Placid, this is my favorite recent b grade monster movie. Even the commentary was funny. The reason I think the sharks want to eat everyone is that they are p.o.'d that they now have brains, but no thumbs...

Brian said...

"What I'm listening to right now:
My wife, who continually finds chores for me to do (it's quite amazing, really)."

It's amazing how quickly things can pile up. My wife and I get the apartment clean, and the next day we're back where we started. The cats contribute to the mess in general, but still, there is always something to do I guess...