Friday, July 20, 2007

Links are up! However...

In my template, I have 16 links. Only 8 show up here. If anyone knows anything about HTML or, possibly, Blogger, can you tell me how to get all my links up there? Thanks in advance. Now everybody go check out these awesome websites!


Will Baird said...

It means that you have some open tags somewhere in your list. hrm.

Okay, looking at the source, make sure that all of your double quotes close around the URLs. Frex, you have n open double quote just before When Pigs Fly the ORiginal and then don't close it just before the end of that less than sign. The next double quote is for when you try to do the href for Laelaps, so that's why you can see that and not WPFtO.

Just doublecheck all your quotes, ok? :)

Will Baird said...

PS Thanx for the link.

PPS Have you taken a programming class yet? If not, do so. It'd be damned useful for cross disciplinary work in the future. I want to do some paleoclimate work and mess with extinction models, but I am going to need to do some refresher courses too.

Zach Miller said...

Programming? Ouch. I can barely get around my blog! :-) Actually, I'm teaching myself Photoshop right now, and it's difficult but doable. I'll get around to HTML someday! Thanks, Will!

Will Baird said...


You're only limited by what you think you are.

I have worked in a few different areas that have interested me and found that I could keep up with most of them: high energy lasers, coding for intelligent mines and battle analysis software, supercomputers and wide area file systems. I am now trying to dabble in paleoclimatology (and would love to mess with outright paleo work).

There's more in the future still. ;)