Thursday, May 24, 2007

Marcus Garcia: El Diablo

As you are all such loyal readers, I'm sure you've seen my ancient attempts at the original blog to draw Erik as a cowboy and Dan as the Penetrator. Both drawings have ended up on their respective look-alike's Myspace pages. And now, I give you Marcus Garcia as El Diablo, the wireless Gibson player. It's obviously a draft, as I'm not a huge fan of how long the guitar's neck is--it looks more like a bass guitar. I'm not saying that a bass guitar will never make its way to a rhythm game (actually, that would kick so much ass), but I don't see El Diablo being a bassist. No, El Diablo is that lone, statutory guitarist, standing to the side or perhaps beside the lead singer, exeuding pure, unbridled narcisicsm.

So I'm workin' on this. I'd like to make his Keith Richards-esque headband a little more obvious, hidden as it currently is by Marcus' trademark tower of hair. I'm also going to change his beard, which was basically taken right from El Penetrato. Anyway, I'd like comments. If convinced to do so, I might actually color this should I find the time.


lantaro said...

OH MY DEAR SWEET FUCK. i think i just shat myself. that's fucking AWESOME. hahahaha well done, sir...well...done.

you should totally color it. or at least finish it and make the lines solid black. and elliott mcgauley will pay you five dollars to make a comic of me and erik hosing down the fandango hand puppets with flamethrowers.

Luke said...

DUDE Marcus has never looked better... That's freaking awesome :)!!!!! I WANT ONE OF ME! WHOO...

anyway it's sick and you should color it.