Friday, May 04, 2007

The Chili's Bodangle

I was recently at Chili's, helping Erik celebrate his last final at UAA. During the ensuing meal, my friend asked for a form to sign up for the Chili's hockey team. Upon asking a fellow named Jorian what the team was to be titled, the server responded with "the Bodanglers." He casually mentioned that somebody has to come up with a mascot for the uniform, and Erik pointed directly to me. I shouldn't be surprised--I was responsible for the kick-ass West High Eagles swim team mascot (a picture I'll get around to posting once I find the original drawing). Erik and I came up with the concept of a "hockey-playing Pokemon" with hockey sticks for arms and skates for feet. The original drawing, which I threw out, looked terrible. The next night, at an event at the Performing Arts Center where one of my favorite humor authors, David Sedaris, read several of his pieces onstage (read his books!), I decided to abandon the hockey-stick arms and go with something a little more massive.

See, when I think of a hockey player, I think about the goalie. What defines the goalie? Padding. So the Chili's Bodangle had to be armored, at least on the arms. And he had to be quick and mean and ready to lay down the smack, because 50% of all hockey games consist of brawls. The name "Bodangle," of course derived from "bojangle," probably inspired the cat-like face (Mr. Bojangles from Austin Powers), but the satyr-like hooves are for getting around quickly on ice. The tail is there because everything has to have a tail. I'm considering adding a Ratchet-esque tuft at the end, but that's up in the air right now. Previous drawing had the Bodangle adopting a far more reserved, regal air, but such an attitude is the antithesis to the typical hockey bravado--hence, the scowl.

And you can't see it in this picture, but the front of the Bodangle's massive arms are covered in largish stoney scutes, all the better to bat pucks away with. People at Chili's have liked the Bodangle so far, but I'm expecting changes to be made (although I love this design) as time goes on. I'll report back with how the Bodangle is accepted, and I'll try and find that West Eagle, which is one of the more awesome things I've drawn.


Luke said...

Freaking awesome... you're a pro!! i CFW to have it on my jersey... :)

Verdakk said...

They should name a dish after you, Halbred.

"Yeah, I'd like the Halbred special."

I would have to eat a Chili's once in a while if that happened.

lantaro said...

haha thats awesome, well done. oh, by the's mr. Bigglesworth. the cat from Austin Powers. Bigglesworth.

you're a moron.

but you draw good. fuck you.