Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shaken, Not Stirred

Well, it's yet another fresh start for When Pigs Fly. For the curious, the original blog, where the majority of my posts set, waiting for people to read them, is Check it out when you have a minute. Dr. Paul Sereno himself recently told me that I'm misinformed in my Eoraptor post, so it attracts some famous people. Crazy though it may seem, When Pigs Fly Returns is my third blog attempt. The sole post on When Pigs Fly: Part Deux ( is this one, although minus this explaination. While attempting to sign in today, I found that one of two things had occurred: 1) I forget both my username AND my password; or 2) Blogger screwed me YET AGAIN! Based on my experience with Gmail, I'm thinking the latter. Of course, I can barely remember when I ate for dinner last night so the former is a very real possibility itself.

This comic is a sequel to the last comic published on the original When Pigs Fly and introduces the strip's first female character. Her name will probably end up being "Rachel," although I'm still open to suggestions. Come one, come all, and gaze upon the third iteration of When Pigs Fly, and hopefully the final one.

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