Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas! Still not dead!

Can you believe I haven't blogged since September? And even that was just to check in.

I'm changing things on this blog. Haven't decided exactly how yet, but I do intend to start blogging more regularly. I've actually got three blog posts in the "editing" stage and I want to put them up fairly quickly, after the new year. My health is more or less back to the normal. I've still got a PICCline in, but it's kind of my new routine now. My only excuse is not having any motivation at all to be creative--that might be caused by the abscess back in May (no joke). I don't really draw anymore either. It's wierd, and annoying, and a little worrying.

I'm also forcing people to register. That blows, I know. Would comment moderation be better? Let me know. I'm so tired of getting spam comments. I'm going to go through all my posts at some point and wipe out all the spam.

I might also just start a brand-new blog and let this one fester away. I'm so far behind in the literature it's stunning, but I need to catch up, and I need to write about this stuff. For me, for you, for my own sanity.

What are your thoughts, dear readers? If anyone even checks this blog anymore, that is. And I don't blame you if you don't!


Sean Craven said...

It's good to get a post from you. Man, I hope I never get so popular I have to worry about spam. I leave what little I get in place, as a curiosity.

Monado said...

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a good year.

I'm using WordPress and I hold first comments from someone for moderation. Once I've decided they're a real person, they can post subsequent comments without any holdups. I love it that all suspicious comments go to a spam folder for review before they are published.