Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still Alive! I Promise!

So I'm still not dead. But I am posting far less often, as you can probably notice. The good news first, though: I am "stable" in terms of health. I'm still on a full-time PICC line IV, though. Ironically, I actually don't have one right now. However, that's because I had it pulled on Wednesday (it broke) and I'm getting a replacement tomorrow morning. So I'm still on an antibiotic and there's no end-date. So that kind of sucks, but you know what? The PICC line isn't really a hassle. Seriously, I just "plug in" to my meds every eight hours and I don't even give it a second though. I had one from August 2011 to December, and then January until Wednesday, so I assume this next one will last six months, too. If we all cross our fingers, maybe I'll be rid of this damn Mycobacterium abscessus by then. By the way, how hilarious is it that the Mycobacterium species I have has the same name as the medical condition that got me to this point in the first place?

Oh, you have to laugh at these things.

I was also able to go to E3 this year. That know, stressful. I lost some weight but none of meds were interrupted (miraculously). You can read all about E3, including several articles from me, over at Nintendo World Report. Now then, the bad news. I'm about a year out from completely recovering from my brain abscess. At that time, I had concerns because my desire to draw and write had both taken a nose dive. But my brain surgeon was reasonably confident that my creative tendencies would come back. They really haven't. Hell, I barely even play video games anymore if they're on a handheld. Isn't that weird? I think it's weird. However, I have taken up podcasting more seriously. I've been on NWR's Newscast/Connectivity podcast for about three years now, but I started up my own show, the Frozen North Dinnercast, over at and it's great fun.

And I'm forcing myself to write again. Hence this post. Sure, I'm doing writing for NWR, but it's not creative. It's not about science or dinosaurs. I may quit this particular blog entirely and start a new one, I haven't decided yet. It won't be on Blogger. I didn't like the format before and now they've changed it and I HATE it. I already have a Wordpress blog (Dirty Little Figures) that I just posted two articles on, so the next iteration of When Pigs Fly will probably end up there.

So that's the update. Don't know if the drawing bug will come back, but the writing bug is coming around. I have a post written and ready to publish, but I just need to draw some crayon drawings. It should be pretty good, as I'm in full-on condescending snark mode--my favorite mode. Stay tuned!

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RichMeister said...

Best of luck to you. Your creative juices can be expressed in a myriad of ways, and all are valid. Will send much good energy your way.