Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Severe Lack of Focus

Winter gets tougher for me every year we live up here. While my mother and wife suffer from varying degrees of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), I just flat become inspired, unable to find the time or effort to passionately engage in just about anything. My paleo research has flatlined--I can't be bothered to keep up on the literature like I know I should. My art has suffered tremendously due to just not practicing (I drew a fairly disgusting little Eodromaeus yesterday; it is not fit for print), and I can't even decide what video game I want to play. Almost nothing is drawing me in.

Two weekends ago, I did become mildly obsessed with a new puzzle (1000 pieces) and completed the whole thing in a big block of time on Sunday, but that was clearly a fluke. The wife is out right now with a friend, and I could be gaming it up or drawing to my heart's content, but neither prospect tickles my fancy. Add to this bout of vapidity an increasingly-stressful job and a longer med routine, and the season's really starting to wear on me.

Hopefully it's just a phase. But it does explain why I've been quiet lately. I leave you with a newish hobby of mine: using Perler beads to create old NES character sprites. From left to right, we have Mario, a Parakoopa, and Mega Man.


traumador said...

i hear you on the stressful job.

honestly based on my own experiences for the past 8 months, it is probably that which is the heart of your apathy. i've been having a brutal year on creativity and getting fun stuff done...

all thanks to my %$^$ing job. not even really close to the one i want (thanks world economy!). hope things improve for both of us!

Trish said...

First off, I totally hear you on the winter blues. But those pearler bead NES characters are the most adorable thing I've seen so far today. I need to get behind the wheel of a project like that.

Sean Craven said...

Have you tried a light? It's not everything, but it helps me.