Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Boneyard: The Next One

Friends, colleagues, lend me your stapes. It is time once again for The Boneyard, a paleo blog carnival spawned by Brian Switek of Laelaps fame. I have been tapped to host this month, so sit back and enjoy the fun! Sadly, without an exciting paleo story in the news, the fires of the blogosphere have gone unstoked. That doesn't mean that bloggers don't have anything to add. Quite the opposite, in fact! Creative posts abound, and so the journey begins thusly!

We begin with two exciting new additions to the blogroll: Dinosaur Home and Renaissance Oaf. The former is an information site while the latter is devoted primarily to art. Try 'em out!

Traumador invites us to visit a wonderful dinosaur museum and gives some interesting information about the unicorn horn of Tsintaosaurus. Traumador also invites us to gleam a sequel to his older "Meet a Prehistoric Creature" post with this cunning entry.

Always curious about the environments of bygone eras, Will Baird managed to scrounge together an excellent post on the ecology of the Carbon Age while getting ready to launch a rocket. Scroll down on his blog for more on that particular adventure.

Ever wonder what ostracods are? Did you know that they've been preserved with soft tissue? Get the whole story at The Other 95%!

Dave Hone waxes philosophic about scientists, ivory towers, and the unwashed masses at Archosaur Musings. Speaking of philosophy, Chris Taylor has a post about taxonomy: science or not?

Good ol' Darren Naish has been wondering about dromaeosaurs lately. Really, what is up with their stiff tails and suspect climbing habits?

What about this carnival's founding father, Brian? He's been posting a lot about his book lately, but has he had time to come up with his famously long uber-posts? Yes indeed! A variety of topics our boy covers, including book review, old dinosaur serials, and T. H. Huxley!

As for myself, I've been sadly lacking on significant paleo posts, as I've been worrying too much about Soulcalibur IV and PAX. But there have been a few offerings: A review of that terrible Jurassic Fight Club show, and a description of Eowyvern dorsetti.

That's it for this edition of The Boneyard! Don't know where the next one's gonna be. Come one, come all for volunteers, and I hope you've enjoyed this month's edition!


Nick said...


I liked this review of "Jurassic Fight Club".

Sean Craven said...


Thanks for the shout-out. This internet -- she is nifty.

traumador said...

hey just wondering if you'd heard that i'm hosting the next boneyard (dec. 2nd).

1. would love to see you post about your fav museum and/or exhibit for it.

2. love it even more if you could help me advertise it (as your blog is way more popular than mine!). i'm hoping to get a lot of posts from people who normally only READ about palaeo, but don't post about it cause they feel they lack the knowledge. there's no way you can't know a lot about your favourite palaeo place right ;P

the info is at (feel free to use the themed boneyard logo i made for the event)


cheers dude. hope mine is half as good as this one!

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